Duty of Care 4.0
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Thu, 2018-05-24

The Vienna Center for Disarmament and Nonproliferation (VCDNP) has issued its first publication under the VCDNP European Non-Proliferation and Security Initiative (ENSI). “Promoting a Scientist’s Duty of Care 4.0” was authored by Adriaan van der Meer, a retired official of the European Commission and the former head of the EU’s CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative. Van der Meer’s article posits that there is a need to introduce and strengthen more flexible forms of cooperation at the grassroots level to effectively address current non-proliferation challenges, and that there is an important role for scientists, engineers, and academicians to play in this respect. The role of the international Science Centers is highlighted as a tool that can promote this bottom-up engagement.

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