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Sun, 2013-04-07
TIME Magazine published a report this week about the impact of the Syrian conflict on Jordan’s water resources.
Thu, 2013-01-24
A paper submitted by the Managing Director of MESIS, Al-Sharif Nasser Bin Nasser, to the Universities Council on Water Resources was published in the latest issue of the Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education.
Thu, 2012-12-13
South East Asia’s radiological and nuclear emergency authorities met in Singapore last week to discuss means to strengthen their ability to respond to radiological emergencies.
Thu, 2012-12-06
International concerns over Syria's chemical weapon stockpiles have intensified this week by intelligence and media reports which sugave been moved and could be being prepared for use.
Mon, 2012-11-19
Regional and international experts convened in Amman last week for a two-day conference organized by the Arab Institute for Security Studies
Wed, 2012-10-10
The Cambridge BioDesign Forum on synthetic biology was held towards the end of September
Thu, 2012-09-20
A dozen air monitoring stations will be established by the Ministry of Environment in a number of Governorates to monitor air quality and measure concentrations of gas and dust emissions.
Thu, 2012-09-06
The first round table meeting of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN)
Sat, 2012-09-01
In his latest post in the Arms Control and Regional Security for the Middle East blog
Sun, 2012-08-19
Mona Yacoubian writes in Al-Monitor that there are deep seated, environmentally-based