Oleander Exercise

The Oleander Tabletop Exercise was designed for key personnel from law enforcement and health agencies to simulate the response to a biological incident. It was implemented in Jordan and Lebanon.

Metrics Project

The office heads an international task force developing best practices on measuring the impact of nuclear security trainings. This effort explores the role of culture, and how an increased level of cultural awareness could improve nuclear security training, performance, and assessments.


MESIS (the current CBRN Threat Office) was a member of the National Committee that was overseeing the preparation and implementation of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization’s (CTBTO) “Integrated Field Exercise 2014.” The office was the only non-governmental organization to have participated.

NSS Gift Baskets

MESIS supported Jordan’s “Gift Basket” at the Nuclear Security Summit calling for the establishment of a Counter Nuclear Smuggling (CNS) team; the office was subsequently recognized in the National Progress Report submitted by the Government of Jordan at the summit.

CIT Curriculum Development

Under the National Commodity Identification Training Program, MESIS (the current CBRN Threat Office)was selected as the curricula developer. It has become the sole Arabic language material developer in the region on commodity identification training for dual-use goods.