MESIS has positioned itself as a distinct platform in the Middle East for enhancing cooperation across scientific and policy communities. Operating across the broader security and nonproliferation domains, MESIS’ services have categorically evolved over the years from an implementer of international programmatic efforts to a developer of regionally-specific programs, trainings, and other modes of engagement. Through its key service areas of policy and advocacy, capacity-building, and sustainable program management, MESIS creates functional approaches to addressing security risks.

Policy & Advocacy

MESIS is a driver for policymaking and legislation development. As one of the only non-governmental organizations working in the CBRN realm across the region, MESIS is in a unique position to raise awareness and promote knowledge transfer at a variety of levels about CBRN risks whether natural, accidental, or intentional.

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Capacity Building

Working to link experts across the region and globally to exchange insights into best practices and discuss solutions to common challenges, MESIS provides innovative training opportunities for stakeholders from within and outside government to collaboratively address CBRN risks.

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Program Design & Management

In pursuit of sustainable programmatic engagements, MESIS designs, develops, and manages tailor-made programs for local and regional audiences. MESIS’ approach ensures that its solutions are culturally-relevant, implementable, and impactful.

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