Capacity Building & Technical Support

Design and deliver training programs in the following thematic areas tailored to the needs and operational context of local beneficiaries:
1. CBRN Security, Risk Mitigation, and Due Diligence
2. Border Security
3. CBRN First Response
4. Biosafety and Biosecurity
5. Chemical Security and Safety
6. Sustainability Programmes
A training provider of internationally-accredited programs across the CBRN field.
Develops and adopts innovative approaches to training and engaging, gamified methods suitable for adult learning environments.

Recognizing that capacity building is a crucial driver of development, the CBRN Threat Office offers training to a wide range of stakeholders from government and civil society, and works to link experts across the region and globally to exchange insights into best practices and discuss solutions to common challenges. The CBRN risk mitigation efforts usually require substantial investments in sophisticated equipment and systems. However, the human element remains a crucial determinant of performance.

Additionally, with a wide network of technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and specialists, the CBRN Threat Office is in a position to provide advisory services and technical support for relevant beneficiaries in the private, governmental and non-governmental sectors working within the CBRN field. For example, through the RDTC, the CBRN Threat Office can provide support for radioactivity inspection, radionuclide identification analysis, maintenance and optimization of radiation detection systems, evaluation and performance testing of radiation detection systems


Key capabilities include:

  • Curriculum development
  • Redevelopment of material into Arabic
  • Network of regional and international experts
  • Travel and logistics support
  • Training and workshop implementation
  • Access to training simulation sites and accredited labs
  • Tabletop exercise development and delivery
  • Field exercise development and delivery
  • Provide advisory services and technical support