Policy & Advocacy

Plays an active role in policymaking and legislation development related to CBRN risk mitigation.
Advocates a networked approach that fosters robust partnerships and collaborations in the face of the threats of a networked world.
Provides a space for sharing knowledge, ideas, and expertise across borders and disciplines.

As one of the only non-governmental organizations working in the CBRN realm across the region, MESIS is in a unique position to raise awareness and promote knowledge transfer at a variety of levels about CBRN risks whether natural, accidental, or intentional. MESIS conducts outreach across various networks within the region to promote international and accredited best practices in risk detection, preparedness, and response. It has successfully collaborated on security issues with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders across the region to identify gaps, articulate needs, and develop solutions to meet these needs. In a region facing regular unrest, MESIS advocates the role that science and technology cooperation can play in furthering regional stability and security.



Key capabilities include:

  • Interagency coordination
  • Regulatory development
  • Policy and legislation support
  • Consensus-building
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Indigenization of international best practices