The Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, based in Amman, Jordan, that works across the Middle East to address Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) risks.

With a core mission of mitigating CBRN risks in a region facing regular unrest, MESIS advocates a networked approach to foster robust partnerships and collaborations in the face of the threats of an ever-changing security landscape.

MESIS believes that a deep understanding of culture is essential for developing successful approaches to reducing threats. MESIS designs and implements culturally-relevant, engaging, and sustainable capacity building programs in addition to being a driver for policymaking and legislation development in areas related to CBRN risk mitigation.

MESIS is a space for sharing knowledge, ideas, and expertise across borders and disciplines, with a firm belief that a mindset of security is best embedded into institutions, not bolted on.

Security is a culture.
Safety is a system.
Cooperation is key.


MESIS was established in 2002 as the Cooperative Monitoring Center (CMC), Amman, and is part of Jordan’s Royal Scientific Society (RSS). Over the years, MESIS has served to differentiate itself categorically from other organizations in the region.

MESIS has been critical in facilitating the ease of conducting different kinds of engagements in the region by consistently framing the issues in a culturally-relevant context. By rebranding these security concepts across the Middle East region, the organization has established itself as a unique leader in the CBRN realm, one in which local, regional, and international partners, both governmental and non-governmental, have consistently turned to for its expertise and distinctive capabilities.

In 2012, MESIS was selected as the host for the European Union’s Centres of Excellence Initiative on CBRN Risk Mitigation (EU CBRN CoE). As the Regional Secretariat, MESIS implements the initiative across Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon. The Middle East Regional Secretariat was the first to become operational worldwide, and is the only Secretariat hosted in a non-governmental organization.

MESIS collaborates with academic institutions and other nongovernmental organizations to conduct outreach, participate in expert working groups, and develop policy recommendations. The organization continues to host visiting scholars, researchers, and student interns.