MESIS is an independent Jordanian non-governmental organization based in Amman, Jordan associated with the Royal Scientific Society. MESIS was established in 2002 under its previous name, the Cooperative Monitoring Center, Amman. MESIS is also host of the Middle East Regional Secretariat of the
As one of the few non-governmental organizations working in the CBRN field across the region, MESIS is in a unique position to raise awareness at a variety of levels about the risks posed by CBRN whether natural, accidental or deliberately caused. Accordingly,
Recognizing that capacity building is the main driver of development, MESIS offers technical training to a wide range of experts from government and civil society. CBRN safety and security normally require an investment in sophisticated equipment and systems...
MESIS recognizes that the success of any programmatic engagement to develop capacity to meet CBRN risks depends on long-term sustainability. MESIS has developed a model that specifically addresses the issue of sustainability.